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As I walked around our beautiful sanctuary and building this we, I thanked God not only for all who work so hard to repair, restore, and maintain our 121-year-old building (the older part), but also thought about maintenance in general.

I sincerely doubt that any of our wise old members and Property Committee, at Central in 1900, believed that once the building was finished it would never have to be tended to.  I think they all realized that every-once-in-a-while some maintenance would need to be done…repairs and painting, up-dating, etc.  Probably no one said,

“There, it’s finished, and we’ll never have to touch it again, it’s perfect and will stay that way without any work!”

No, in fact, our 1900 building is a marvel, BECAUSE throughout the last 121 years it has been lovingly cared for and maintained.  Other buildings of a similar age, size and of similar use, are not doing so well. The stewardship of OUR building has kept it beautiful.

In a similar way, no reasonable person says,

“I’m perfectly and wonderfully made, and therefore I’m finished, I don’t have to do anything to maintain my body.”

That sounds ridiculous when we hear it.  OF COURSE one has to take care of themselves; there is eating the correct food, getting enough rest, exercise – not to mention mental growth and maturity.  All this helps to keep us in the best shape possible.

How about our SPIRITUAL life?  Many people make the decision and take the step to BELIEVE Jesus is who He says He is, and FOLLOW Him: to become His disciple.  Many choose to join a church family like ours at Central.  Then they think they’re done.  After all, they say, I’ve chosen to join a church and be called a “Christian” what more is there?

Regular maintenance of one’s spiritual life is vital, if one is going to remain strong, healthy and grow to that “abundant life” that Jesus talks so often about.  After all, once we had some damage just under the big blue dome in our sanctuary; some leaks that went unfound and unchecked.  What would happen to YOU if a storm of life hits?  If your spiritual roof is in need of repair, some irreparable damage to your life could occur.  If you didn’t do a regular check to see how your “spiritual body” was progressing, you’d be surprised at how weak your soul would be when disaster strikes.


FOUNDATION – How is your prayer life?  Do you recite words by rote or do you actually chat with, and listen to God?  Do you talk to Him only when you are in need, or regularly each day and moment?  (How would you keep up communication with your friends?  Do THAT with God.)

INTERIOR & WALLSHow is your heart?  You know, it’s difficult to have a good relationship with anyone when you’re lying to them, ignoring them or disrespecting them.  How can anyone expect that God would have any respect for you if you don’t treat God with the respect He deserves?  Also, if you’re going to CALL yourself a BELIEVER & FOLLOWER, then “clean out your closet” of all the garbage (hate, malice toward another…harbored grudges…petty whining) and do what Jesus asks.  (“If you love Me, you’ll keep my commandments.”) 

ROOFGod is a shelter in time of the storm.  Don’t get me wrong, Christians experience storms just like everyone else – but our roof SHOULD be in better shape than most, when we continually remember WHO has build (and continues to build) the house, WHO is our Provider and Protector – we do that by living in a continual state of thanks.

And speaking of: I give MY thanks to our current PROPERTY COMMITTEE and all those who have served in that capacity before them.  God bless all of you, as you continue to maintain your “Spiritual House & Home” – your person “Temple of Faith”, the storms are sure to come!