We hope you will be blessed with many years of happiness together.
You are about to enter into a covenant between you and God.
By celebrating with a wedding ceremony at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN, you are inviting God to be present in your marriage and to bless it.  Because this ceremony is taking place at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN, and not merely a rented hall or home, there are certain procedures, requests and requirements that will need to be adhered to as befitting a ceremony in the House of God. CENTRAL CHRISTIAN will work alongside you to make sure that this is a sacred event appropriate for both YOU and CENTRAL CHRISTIAN.

Central Christian Church does not host wedding receptions, however, there are many fine reception halls that we can recommend, within a short distance from the church building.

1. This document should be clearly understood and signed by the Couple (stating that they have read, understand and will abide by the Policy), at the time of setting the calendar date.

2. THE COUPLE will be considered the sole contacts for all information and direction regarding the ceremony at Central Christian.  All delegates at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN (Minister, Music Director, Wedding Ceremony Coordinator and Sound Engineer) will be responsible to assure that the wishes regarding the ceremony come from them..

3. The CEREMONY CHECK LIST assures that the proper documents (i.e. PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER’S AGREEMENT, etc.) arrive in the CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH office in a timely manner.


The Senior Pastor at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN will be happy to perform your ceremony, if you wish.  If it is your preference to invite a Guest Minister to participate or perform your ceremony, CENTRAL CHRISTIAN must receive a letter from the Guest Minister requesting to perform the ceremony at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN.  This letter is required in the Church Office prior to setting your wedding date on the calendar.  The person performing the ceremony will need to be a licensed or ordained minister of good standing in his/her denomination.


Our church Wedding Ceremony Coordinator will assist and serve as a liaison between you (THE COUPLE) and the church staff.  The Coordinator is familiar with the Central Christian Church building and its wedding policies, has knowledge of wedding etiquette, and is skilled in directing weddings.

The Ceremony Coordinator will work with you to:

*answer questions regarding church policy
and procedure,

*coordinate plans with church personnel assisting with your wedding,

*supervise the rehearsal with the
officiating minister, and

*supervise the flow of the ceremony.

Even if you have assigned a WEDDING COORDINATOR outside of Central Christian Church, the CHURCH WEDDING COORDINATOR will need to be present (as a representative of the CCC Properties Committee) during your rehearsal and wedding ceremony)


Important: The Officiant (Presiding Minister) and Wedding Ceremony Coordinator and Sound Engineer will consider THE COUPLE to be the Official and Sole contacts for any direction regarding all details of the ceremony at Central Christian.  Any direction, suggestions, requests regarding the ceremony, rehearsal, etc…should be directed to THE COUPLE for them to approve and pass on to the necessary person.


The date of your wedding will be tentatively scheduled at the initial consultation with the Wedding Ceremony Coordinator.  The Wedding Ceremony Coordinator will then review your requested date with the CCC Pastor and CCC Organist for placement on the church calendar. While CCC usually can schedule your wedding on the date of your choice sometimes an alternate date may be needed, due to calendar restrictions.


The church Sanctuary or the Schuster Chapel is available for weddings.  The bride and attendants use the rest room/dressing facility adjacent to the Chapel.  The men dress in the Youth Lounge on the lower level.

The persons making the facility reservation are responsible for any damage to equipment, furniture or furnishings.

The PIANO, CHAIRS, LECTERN and PULPIT (and the organ console, to a certain extent) are all movable and may be moved for your ceremony.  The COMMUNION TABLE will not be moved.  This Chancel Furniture should be moved or removed by the church’s Property Team personnel only.  Our Wedding Coordinator will consult with the Property Team to make the arrangements, at the Couple’s request.


An elevator is available at the Tenth Street Chapel entrance.  Please make arrangements with the Wedding Ceremony Coordinator because special instructions are necessary.

Floor plans of the Sanctuary and Chapel are available upon request.



Tacks and tape, including masking tape, are prohibited.  Bows may be attached to the pews with elastic bands or plastic clips.  The church’s candelabra are available for use without charge; however, the Bride & Groom are required to purchase the candles through the church office.  Drip-less Wedding candles, Unity Candles and holders will need to be furnished by the Bride & Groom.  The removal of wedding decorations is also the responsibility of the Wedding Party, immediately following the ceremony.  Flowers may remain in the sanctuary after the wedding by notifying the Wedding Ceremony Coordinator 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

The use of birdseed, rice, feathers or glitter on church property is not permitted.


If an aisle runner is being used, the sanctuary aisle is 50 feet long, excluding the chancel and chancel steps.  Please note that there are 14 rows of pews on the center aisle.


Central Christian is often decorated for special church seasons such as Thanksgiving, Advent/Christmas, or Easter.  If your wedding is scheduled during a season when the church is highly decorated, you should expect to use our seasonal decorations in your own decorating theme.  Although these decorations will need to remain in place as they are, you may add to them, as you desire.


Pre-marital counseling is required for any couple wishing to be married in the Central Christian Church Facility.  The Officiating Minister does not necessarily need to provide this, but a signed document from whomever is the counselor, explaining that sessions are either finished or continuing, will need to be presented to the Central Christian Church Office prior to the Wedding Ceremony.  The Central Christian Church Pastor is also available to provide Pre-Marital Counseling, and (whether providing Pre-Marital Counseling or not) will need to meet with the couple at least once prior to the ceremony to discuss details with them.


THE OFFICIANT – The Presiding Minister is responsible for all components of the service.

MUSIC – According to Central Christian Church policy, the Pianist/Organist of Central Christian Church coordinates all music for weddings using musicians.  It is also Church policy that all music played, after the entrance of the Bride, should be appropriate for a Wedding Worship Service in a Church Sanctuary, and “live” (no recorded music trax or accompaniment trax).  This policy does leave room for secular/sentimental music in the Pre-Ceremony time/seating of the guests and parents, and also following the Recessional of the Wedding Party.  The term “appropriate” is broad and takes on a variety of styles and contexts.

An appointment with the staff  Pianist/Organist should be made 2 months in advance for THE COUPLE.  The Pianist/Organist can provide a variety of music selections to choose from, help find and secure soloists, arrange for music rehearsals, etc.  The Pianist/Organist’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to) meeting with the Wedding Couple to assist in music selection, playing for the rehearsal (up to one hour), playing Pre-Ceremony music (20-30 minutes), playing for the ceremony, accompanying soloists, playing Post-Ceremony music as the guests depart.

If the COUPLE has already made music decisions within the context and parameters of this agreement, they should contact the Pianist/Organist and pass those selections on.  The Pianist/Organist will also need names and contact information for all other musicians chosen by the COUPLE.

REHEARSAL – The WEDDING CEREMONY COORDINATOR, PIANIST/ORGANIST, SOUND ENGINEER and OFFICIANT will be available for one hour, at your rehearsal, and will strive to make sure that your rehearsal is efficient and that you are comfortable with the following day’s proceedings.  It is the responsibility of the COUPLE to make sure that all participants are present, if possible, and on time.  Time to decorate for your ceremony may be set with the WEDDING COORDINATOR and the CHURCH OFFICE…you are not limited to the time you have during the rehearsal, to do your decorating.

SOUND SYSTEM – A member of the church Sound Team will operate the sound equipment.  Central Christian has a limited inventory of sound equipment, please discuss your needs with the WEDDING CEREMONY COORDINATOR to make sure there is adequate coverage for soloists and instrumentalists.

CUSTODIAL CARE – The Wedding Ceremony Coordinator will obtain the services of the custodian.  Custodians will be present during rehearsal and the wedding.

PHOTOGRAPHY ‘ Photos taken before the ceremony must be completed 45-30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Photos taken after the ceremony should not exceed 1 hour.  NO FLASH PICTURES TO BE TAKEN DURING THE CEREMONY.  (“THE CEREMONY” is defined as beginning with the seating of the Parents just prior to the Processional and continues THROUGH the Recessional of the Wedding Party.)  Video cameras are permitted, but they must be unobtrusive and stationary.  A “WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S AGREEMENT” will be given to the photographer, and must be signed by the photographer prior to the ceremony before the photographer will be allowed to take any photographs.  The “WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S AGREEMENT” is an addendum to this document.


Prior to the rehearsal, the marriage license and the marriage certificate are to be presented to the Officiating Minister.  The COUPLE are required to complete the portion of the marriage certificate titled “Record of Marriage” in its entirety.  The license and certificate are obtained from the Office of the Clerk of the County of residence of either one of the members of the couple.  Once signed, it is the legal responsibility of the OFFICIANT to send the document to the County Clerk.