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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

This is Delores, Pastor Rick’s cat.  Mr. Blu (Cito’s cat) and I successfully “hacked” into the human’s laptop and are typing this email to you today, primarily to show that we are more than just cute, adorable, cuddly, and exceedingly bright animals.

As humans go, the ones that lives here in our condo aren’t bad sorts, a bit old, not as quick-witted as they would lead others to believe (especially mine), but still good souls.

I allow my human to pet me and play every-once-in-a-while. That seems to keep him occupied enough to not notice when I take part in my regular surveillance of the countertops and tables (when he is asleep).  It also distracts him so that I may step onto his midsection and test it for internal-organ weaknesses to be exploited when needed (a precautionary measure that most cats exercise – we cleverly call it a “cat scan”). 

I’m sure that the human is wise in the ways of other humans and God, and serves a purpose at Central Christian Church, but there are some simple, deeper, truths that often go unsaid because our Father has given this knowledge to the “least”…and some of the “least” are four-footed.  Yes, I’ve heard the argument that we four-footed creatures don’t have souls, but I believe (as a devout (MEOW-thodist) that all who breathe, be they human or beast, carry the breath of God…and the breath of God IS the soul.  Mr. Blu (a PURRS-betyrian) agrees: just because our souls don’t require redemption doesn’t mean that we don’t have souls, and it doesn’t mean we won’t step into the age-to-come with you.  After all, isn’t it a little presumptuous of humans to believe they are the only beings that will step into the age-to-come, especially when your scripture specifically states in the age-to-come the LION (a member of my family, by the way) will lie down with the LAMB?

In any case, God is the final answer and it won’t do any good to argue the point now, whether you agree with me or not. 

But Mr. Blu and I do have a few thoughts to share from a “little closer to the floor”, as it were:

1-Clean the litter box regularly.  It may seem like a small thing, but I’ve watched my human become bogged down by the “waste” of things that need to be cleaned out.  There are simply things that need to be thrown out every day…and you all know what those things are, you don’t need them in this world OR the next…clean it out, nobody likes smelly things in your home.

2-You can love someone even when they don’t love you.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to let my human know that I really don’t like to be picked up!  He will do it time and time again…I can’t blame him, after all I AM Delores, but really…when I want you to hold me I’LL crawl up in YOUR lap.  He’s learning.  He now will smile at me or chatter his inane sounds lovingly in my direction as I’m enjoying the sun on the back of his sofa. I’ll acknowledge him, but if he is late and not home where he is supposed to be, at the appointed hour, I have to admit that I really don’t want anything to do with him.  The human has, at least in my observation, learned to love me in spite of myself…true love is not necessarily reciprocal…isn’t that what Jesus said? .  Finally, keeping the caveat above in mind,

3-Always take the time to share love.  It may be a word, a touch, a smile…simply reaching out and rubbing a belly (although I enjoy that, I’m not sure that’s something you want to do between human strangers) We don’t know when we will step from this world to the next and it is always better to “take care of business” when one thinks of it…especially in the ways of love and God.

There, we’ve said what we wanted to say…for now.  And I must stop, I’m not sure you realize what a trial this is to type on a human keyboard, without the luxury of opposable thumbs.  I hope you thank God for yours, I’m sure they make things much easier to accomplish!

Until we speak again (and we will),

Delores and Mr. Blu