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We have 2 cats whose home we share: Mr. Blu and Delores.  Mr. Blu is probably about 17-years-old, a male.  Delores is 6-years-old, and female.  I’d like to say that we “rescued/adopted” them, but they would probably say it’s the other way around.

They both have a limited vocabulary…Mr. Blu mumbles, and Delores is mainly silent…until around 2:00am when she begins “singing the song of her people” as she tries, and succeeds, in opening random drawers.  But with both felines, it’s not the words but the inflection, tone and decibel-level that really tells you what they are trying to say.  Learning to translate that and “hear” them has taken many years and still I, for one, am learning.

Mr. Blu is LARGE, and usually obsessed with eating.   If I’m in the kitchen, he wants food…if I come in the door from anywhere at any time, he wants food…if I’m eating, he wants food.  At least that’s what it seems like.  Delores, on the other hand, could usually care less if either of us are home…except that she really does like everyone to be in the same room.

I’ve had some epiphanies with the cats over the years. If I’m in the home office working or studying, Delores will come back there and snooze close by.  Sometimes Mr. Blu will come in also and sit as closely as possible and stare, silently, with those his cat eyes.

One time he did that, even getting up on his haunches and reaching out to pat my arm at the chair.  It was NOT time for him to eat. (with his “eating disorder”, you have to be very strict about the “snack” times…or he could eventually fill the entire house).  But, being the kind and beneficent human I am, I decided it was alright to get him some “kitty treats”, so I rose out of the chair.

Now usually, he knows exactly what that means, and races, faster than an animal of his size should be able, ahead of me to his food dish in the pantry…I usually watch where I’m putting my feet so that I don’t trip over him on the way.  But this time he raced right past the pantry, the kitchen, and into the living room.

Hmmm…could it be that he was telling me that he wanted to be in there?  It seems so.  All he wanted was a little attention. 

Delores, when I return home from anywhere, immediately races to greet me; rolling happily on the floor close to the garage door.  Now you have to realize that Delores is NOT a “lap cat” she doesn’t like to be picked up or held…but, at a distance…she will be happy if I am close by.

There are times, with both Mr. Blu, and Delores, one of them will come up beside one of us and pat the arm with a paw, just wanting to get some attention  – before curling up somewhere close and falling fast asleep.

 And so, THIS is what I have learned about myself & God from Mr. Blu & Delores:

  • They aren’t always able to clearly translate their needs. Neither am I.
  • Sometimes they just needs reassurance that we are there. Sometimes I need that from God.
  • And, most importantly, when humans may think they are self-sufficient, these felines, Blu & Delores, KNOW WHO provides the food, who loves, and who cleans the litter box – they are not at all confused about that…and they go directly to the source.

Right there is the greatest lesson in trust; THEY know to go to the source…do I?

Mr. Blu & Delores get lonely when their humans, their caregivers, aren’t there.  I know that because sometimes they THINK they’re alone and start “yeowling”/”crying”.  All I have to do is call the name of whichever one is crying out and they come running, happy tail up…THEY know the source of their contentment, security, provision and love.

Do I?  Do you?