…and that is why we are going to read through, study, and immerse ourselves in the entire “core” of the scripture, these 40 Days of LENT 2023.

Here you will find some helpful information about each GOSPEL, along with a reading plan for each day (minus Sundays) in LENT.

Please don’t read ahead, there is something wonderful about knowing that your fellow congregational members are all reading the same words at the same time. If you can, read your daily readings in more than one translation, to get a more rounded idea of the original words.

Gospel Readings for THIS WEEK
Monday April 3, 2023 - Easter Sunday April 9, 2023

Monday April 3rd – JOHN 7-8

Tuesday April 4th – JOHN 9-10

Wednesday April 5th – JOHN 11-12

Thursday April 6th – JOHN 13-14

Friday April 7th – JOHN 15-16

Saturday April 8th – JOHN 17-18

Sunday April 9th – JOHN 19-21