This month we are praying for our CCC ELDERS & STEPHEN MINISTERS, and this week we pray for CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN.

Please remember all of our CHURCH FAMILY and friends listed in the weekly PRAYER BULLETIN…available in the Church Office or each Sunday at Worship.


You are invited to be a part of the CHANCEL CHOIR at Central.  The choir sings each Sunday during worship at 10:00am, under the direction of JOHN HUNTOON.  Rehearsals are 7:00pm each Wednesday night.  Interested?  Contact John, or just show up for rehearsal!  


Get your tickets for the first production of THE ALLEY THEATRE’S 5TH SEASON: “The Importance of Being Earnest”.  This classic comedy is performed in-the-round at Central’s own theatre.
Tickets are $10 and you can still purchase a GOLDEN TICKET (1 Ticket for ALL shows, plus perks…$50) until November 8th (opening night of EARNEST).

Remember that all ticket income goes back to CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH at the end of the fiscal year…so your ticket price is a donation to the Church General Fund.

“The Importance of Being Earnest”
November 8th, 9th, 10th, at 7:30pm
& 11th at 3:00pm




PBS picks back up on HALLOWEEN NIGHT (Oct 31st)  at 6:00pm in HOOVER THEATRE LOUNGE for a study of THE BOOK OF DANIEL.  This fascinating book in the Hebrew Bible (OT) was written in Babylon during the time of the dispersion of the Jews from Jerusalem.  It contains the “code” and “key words” frequented in the book of Revelation…along with some wonderful stories of Daniel, the kings of Persia, and the “Three Hebrew Boys: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego”.

All are welcome!


Sunday, October 21st is, what is nationally known as, CHILDREN’S SABBATH: a Sunday to remember, honor, and pray for the children across the world.

Traditionally at Central CHILDREN’S SABBATH is a Sunday where special notice and prayers are said on behalf of the children of Anderson and Madison County in particular.  The number is staggering, when one thinks of  the amount of children who go to bed hungry, whose only meals are those they have at school, whose only nurturing comes from strangers, and whose only home they have is what they make for themselves.

With all the honor and respect Jesus gave and gives to children, and their place in the Kingdom of God, the least we can do is give them our respect and honor.

You have an opportunity to take one day and light a candle in honor of, and a reminder to pray that day specifically for, the children of our own community who so desperately need love, kindness, and a safe environment.

CARLYNN MALONE, our Christian Education Chair, will be in Sims Parlor after worship on Oct 14th and 21st with a sign up sheet, and a candle for each who signs up, to pray for 30 days for our children.  This 30-days of prayer begins on Children’s Sabbath and ends the week of Thanksgiving.

Please sign up when given the opportunity.

As expected, Pastor Rick (inspired by his recent trip) will give a series of sermons based on the places, people, and perspectives he recently experienced in Israel.

His Sermon Series: FROM ISRAEL will focus on the lessons learned from the soil he walked, the places he saw, and the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit’s lessons for us all…from Israel.

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