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So this evening Central will present the annual, CHRISTMAS AT CENTRAL concert of music from the Handbell Choir & Chancel Choir.  We, in the choirs, have worked since August on this program and spend each Wednesday night (and some other extra rehearsals) making sure that the audience gets to hear and enjoy the music as well as we can present it, and hopefully give an accurate performance as each composer & arranger intended.


Music is a craft that requires several levels of learning and, most of all, constant practice.  There is of course the learning of the notes: making sure the notes being played or sung (as far as tones & melody) correspond exactly to the notes written on the page.  Once those are in place it is time to look at how the notes are played or sung (loud, soft, slow, fast, etc.)  Once that is done then it is a matter to detail out the song in full, making sure that we are not ONLY singing or playing the correct notes at the correct time and with the correct dynamic range, but that we are communicating the mood and message of the song.  All of this learning is under the direction of a trained ear and trained teacher of music, like our fine director, Randy Frieling.  It is HIS job to listen to ALL of us together and thus determine exactly what type of practice is required at what time. It is his job to make sure that the performance is as musical, as communicative and as precise as possible.  We don't start the first rehearsal knowing everything or giving a perfect performance, it takes time, energy, heart & soul; it takes practice. We don't start making music well simply because we are labeled as members of the choir or handbell choir.


God, our Father, has called each of us to a place where we ARE His children when He calls us by that name, we are the sheep of the flock that His Son leads.  But becoming who we are labeled as takes time, energy, heart & soul; it takes practice.  A common mistake is for the individual to believe that once a choice is made to Believe & Follow Jesus there is nothing more to be done.  "I am CALLED a Disciple, a child of God, therefore I AM what God says I am."  And that IS a true statement.  But being given that label is not the end, it is only the beginning of the life-journey.  We realize what it means to truly be a member of the Handbell Choir when our individual notes not only fall into place with the other members so that together we play beautiful music, but also when we breathe together, accelerate and decelerate together.


When we sing together concentrating only on whether the notes are right but also concentrate on the true message and the true music THEN we begin to understand what it means to truly carry the label, member of the choir.  And when we walk with God, together with those around us who also believe and follow, without necessarily looking at where we are going but listening intently to the One who leads us and trusting the Voice we truly understand what it means to BE a Child of God.

It is up to the Director (with a capital "D") to listen and watch US, determining what type of practice would best lead us to that place.  And it takes patient practice to become that disciple with a depth of faith to experience the indescribable peace of the believer.  It doesn't happen at once.  The notes have to be learned first, then the appropriate dynamic. Then the detail touches.  Even then, one can't take their eyes off of the Director/Father, for He alone is in charge of the performance. 


Practice, be willing to fail, go back and do it again.  Get the notes into your voice before moving on to something else.  The message of the music is most important to those watching your every move and listening to the song you sing. 

'Love you all...see you in Church

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Send your cards to friends at CENTRAL and donate to our Church General Fund, instead of buying stamps!
Simply bring the Christmas Cards you have for friends here at Central, and place them in one of the red boxes in the West Hall (behind the Sanctuary) and the CCCombo P.O.D. Christmas Elves will distribute them for pick up the next Sunday!  After worship, go to the West Hall and pick up your cards!


This week we pray for our CCC FRONT DOOR MINISTRIES, and also we pray for the congregation at

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January 7 & 14, 2018
The Rev. Dr. Kimberly Majeski

I am very happy to share my friend, Kim, with you all at Central. This brilliant woman has been a friend for years and she will be filling the pulpit in January while I am gone. My only regret is that I will not be there to hear her.

Kimberly is a scholar, storyteller and activist who challenges her audiences to find the connection between their personal story and the ancient story of the Scriptures. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, this radio personality, conference speaker, women's retreat leader, Bible teacher, and pastor, captivates audiences with her storytelling that is engaging, transparent and uplifting.

She currently serves as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries at Anderson University and is a co host for Viewpoint, a syndicated radio program for Christians Broadcasting Hope. Additionally, Kimberly is founder and CEO of Stripped Inc., a not for profit ministry empowering women in sex trade to walk out of fear and into love.

Kimberly and her husband Kevin reside in Anderson, Indiana with their son Max and two black cats, Monkey and Henry.

Read her BLOG at

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December 13th
  10:30am - Yarn Ministry (Calder Library)5:30pm - Handbell Choir (Sanctuary)
6:30pm - Chancel Choir (Sanctuary)
7:30pm - "CHRISTMAS AT CENTRAL" (Sanctuary)

December 14th
  7:00pm - Alley Theatre Reh. (Hoover Theatre)

December 15th
  7:00pm - Alley Theatre Reh. (Hoover Theatre)

December 16th
  3:00pm - Alley Theatre Reh. (Hoover Theatre)

December 17th
  9:00am - Chancel Choir (Sanctuary)
10:00am - WORSHIP
6:00pm - Central Christmas Party (Anderson Museum of Art)

December 18th
  4:00pm - CCCombo P.O.D. (Calder Library)
7:00pm - Alley Theatre Reh.  (Hoover Theatre)

December 19th
  8:00am - Early Christians (Schuster Chapel)
9:00am - Women's Bible Study (Calder Library)
7:00pm - Alley Theatre Reh. (Hoover Theatre)

December 20th
  10:30am - YARN MINISTRY (Calder Library)